The Enemy Batavia Amelia Milford Eastgate

The Enemy: Defeated

Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil (1 John 3:8). Satan’s work is deception and lies, but it is destroyed by the truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Jesus Redefined Connect Christian Church near Batavia Ohio

Jesus Redefined: I Am The Bread Of Life

There are a ton of images of Jesus that are painted by our culture, and even by the church, but so many of those images are wrong. They don’t represent who Jesus was and who Jesus is. They don’t truthfully portray what Jesus did and what Jesus is doing.

Wounds Connect Christian Church near Milford Ohio

Wounds: Wounds of Sin

Because Jesus had never sinned Himself, it allowed Him to take our sin on Himself. He became our sin when He died on the cross. And His sacrifice became the full and final payment for our sin. And that’s why this is true: “by His wounds we are healed.”