Serving isn’t just what we do at Connect Christian Church. It’s part of our DNA.

Our goal is to have every person who calls Connect home plugged in and serving in some way. At the same time, we aren’t out to abuse anyone. That’s why we build in breaks and ask our volunteers to limit their involvement to two teams. If you get involved, most of our teams are on a four-month rotation, which means you’ll typically only serve three months per year on that team.

When you jump on board with one of our awesome volunteer teams, you’ll become part of a bunch of passionate and committed people who are growing together, and our directors will keep you trained and informed so you’ll never have to wonder what you are doing. We begin with the end in mind, and everyone knows exactly what their job is. And if you have questions, just send us a message!

How Can I Help?

At Connect Christian Church, we have several volunteer teams, each led by a passionate Director who helps keep things organized and running smoothly. Take a look at the typical teams and positions we have available below, and if you have a skill or talent you think would help that’s not listed belowjust send us a message! Also, if you are serving someplace and have an idea for how things could be improved, please feel free to let us know your ideas.

Care Team

Directors: Mike and Sherri Everett

Vision: The Care Team at Connect Christian Church is a committed team of volunteers dedicated to helping those who need help with prayer; meals as well as hospital and home visits. This team serves the church and surrounding community by offering support and tangible care to those who require practical help during certain seasons of life. At times life will get hard and we will need help. We need others to care for us, to show up, to help relieve and share in some of our stresses in practical ways. And as a bonus, we celebrate with those celebrating births, weddings, graduations and other joyous milestones. Get more details or get involved.


  • Prayer Team (both one-on-one on Sundays and through the week for those in need)
  • Meal prep & delivery
  • Hospital & home visits
  • Send cards of encouragement

Connect Team

Director: Nicki Edmisten

Vision: This team is the first impression of Connect Christian Church and is filled with energetic, smiling, friendly and talkative volunteers who have a heart for helping people and who love to demonstrate God’s love with every connection. The goal is to be sure every single guest feels welcome, informed and loved from the time they enter the school property to the time they leave. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure first-time guests know exactly where to go and what to expect as well as hear from us afterward.


  • Team Leaders
  • Parking Lot
  • Kids Check-In
  • Worship Center
  • Connect Center
  • Main Entrance
  • Lobby (Floaters)

Finance Team

Director: Jay Hess

Vision: This behind-the-scenes team is here to maintain an effective and efficient financial system that enables Connect to carry out its mission. Volunteers on this numbers-loving team pay close attention to detail, respect confidentiality and embrace the power of Biblical generosity in a church. We don’t just count the offering. We write the procedures for our counting process, help present the annual budget, develop financial reports and consult closely with the leadership team when it comes to major expenditures. In addition, we encourage our partners to experience spiritual growth through tithing and develop methods for helping them to give genoursly.Background checks are required for this team, and you can fill out a secure online form here.


  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer(s)
  • Offering Counters
  • Stewardship Champion(s)
  • Other Team Members

Kids Team

Director: Melissa Hess, Interim Kids & Family Pastor

Vision: This team creates a high-energy experience where children from birth through fifth grade will be able to get to know Jesus in a safe, fun and exciting environment. This ministry presents some awesome opportunities for people gifted to lead worship and teach kids or for those who are more comfortable assisting or running media. Our goal is to partner with parents to build young servant leaders who love Jesus. Background checks are required for this team, and you can fill out a secure online form here.


  • Team Leaders
  • Worship Leaders & Assistants
  • Computer, Sound & Lighting Techs
  • Nursery Teachers
  • Preschool Teachers & Assistants
  • Elementary Teachers & Assistants
  • Runners

Security Team

Director: Mike Morrissey

Vision: This team is considered protectors of the worship experience and all who come to our services each week. Volunteers on this team are visible, alert and proactive as they monitor all public spaces, our Connect Kids areas and the main service. Members of this team will ensure safety while not sacrificing a warm and welcoming environment.Background checks are required for this team, and you can fill out a secure online form here.


  • Team Leaders
  • Team Members

Setup Team

Director: Cory Vinson

Vision: This team of unsung heroes is responsible for turning the school into a church every Sunday by creating (and tearing down) all the environments where both our adults and kids worship each week. With both super-light and heavy-duty needs, this team lends itself to men and women of all ages. If you aren’t fond of the spotlight but want to make a difference for the Kingdom, this is the ministry for you.


  • Team Leaders
  • Truckers
  • Team Members

Sports Camp Team

Sports Camp Director: Julie Bach

Vision: Sports Camp is the one week  every summer when an army of passionate volunteers shows up at Batavia Township Park each night to serve literally hundreds of kids from our community by teaching them sports, telling them about Jesus and having a blast with them. We’re not gonna lie. The week is incredibly exhausting, but we promise you this: When it is all said and done, it will be one of the highlights of your summer, and you might just introduce a child to Jesus for the very first time! Check out for more details or to get involved. Background checks are required for this team, and you can fill out a secure online form here.


  • Head & Assistant Coaches
  • Huddle Coaches
  • Runners/Dancers
  • Stage Team
  • Snack Team
  • Water Team
  • Production Team
  • Security Team
  • Childcare Team
  • Creative Arts Team

Students Team

Director: Dan Robinson

Vision: Connect Students exists with one simple mission: to connect middle and high school students to Jesus. Our volunteers have a blast with students and partner with parents to lead their students toward spiritual maturity. This team normally meets with 6th through 12th graders on Sunday nights. They also put on a ton of special events for our teens to give them plenty of opportunities to hang out and have a blast together. Background checks are required for this team, and you can fill out a secure online form here.

Positions: Student Team Members

Worship & Creative Arts

Worship Director: Brian Morrissey

Vision: Our Worship & Creative Arts Teams — whether on stage or assisting with production — are here for one sole purpose: to bring people closer to Jesus. We demand a high level of excellence, and our goal is to create an atmosphere that prepares hearts to receive God’s Word.

We have several positions related to Worship & Creative Arts, such as musicians, sound engineers, camera operators, lighting operators, graphics and web development, administrative and much more. If you’re interested in one of these areas, just send us a message.

I’m ready! Help Me Find a Place to Serve.