What’s my Next Step?

Our hope is that every single person who calls Connect home takes all four of these steps: Baptism, Partnership, Connect Groups and Serving. Please read the below descriptions, then let us help you take your next step. You can also stop by the Next Steps table after service to discuss any of these in more detail.



Baptism is a beautifully symbolic ceremony. As we are buried under water, we symbolically unite with Jesus in His death and burial. And as we rise from the water, we unite with Him in His resurrection. We are given a new life! We schedule several baptism Sundays throughout the year at the school. We bring in a very nice, heated portable baptistry. However, if someone doesn’t want to wait for the next baptism Sunday, we can perform baptisms at our church office anytime.


We are not a church of members. We are a church of partners. The reason is simple. Members have rights, while partners have responsibilities.

Our partners have committed their lives to Christ through faith and repentance and then have made their decision public through baptism. After that, our partners commit that they will give generously, serve selflessly, invite others to church, and pray for our church.

If this is your next step, we’d love to partner with you!


Connect Groups are a safe place where a small group of people can grow in their relationships with Jesus and with each other. The people in a group care for each other, love each other, laugh with each other, and pray for each other.

We have groups that meet in different parts of town throughout the week. We will work with you to find the right group for you. We know it might be intimidating to get started in a Connect Group, but we promise you’ll be glad you did!


One of our core values at Connect is saved people serve people. We are not a church of spectators. We are a church of servants. We serve because we love God and we love people.

There are nine different teams of volunteers at Connect, so there is a place for everyone to serve. The staff at the Next Steps table are there each week to give you more information about each team and to make it easy for you to get plugged in and to start serving. Every one of our volunteers makes a huge difference in the lives of people. We hope you’ll join a team of difference makers!


I’m ready! Help Me Take My Next Step.