What to Expect at Connect

Don’t Worry!

A lot of people have worries and fears about coming to church. We want to do everything we can to ease your mind and to make you comfortable when you visit our church. Think you don’t belong in church? You’re wrong! We’d love to meet and serve you, no matter who you are.

Clothes? Yes, Please!

First of all, don’t worry about what to wear. Wear whatever you normally wear. We’re not concerned about your clothes. We’re more concerned about serving and connecting people to Jesus than what you wear.

Follow the Signs

When you arrive at Connect, just follow the signs. They’ll tell you right where to go. On your way in, you’ll be greeted with warm, welcoming smiles. If you have any questions, just ask someone in a green volunteer shirt, and they’ll be happy to answer your questions, direct you where you want to go, or help in any other way they can.

Kids & Studentscaleb_300_168

If you have kids, we have a safe and fun environment just for them! Parents check their kids in at our secure check-in station, and then take them to the room for their age group to meet the volunteers who will be having a blast with them during their own service. We also have a dedicated Security Team who monitors our space to make sure everyone is safe and secure. We want you to feel comfortable about your kid’s safety, and we take it very seriously. (We take fun seriously, too!) We also have a great time for students on Sunday nights.


During our adult worship service, you’ll experience passionate, rocked out songs led by our band and designed to help us worship and encounter Jesus. And we may be a little biased, but we think our band is awesome! Come and see what we mean!

Communion & Offering

We also have a time of communion each week where we pause to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all, as well as a time where we worship through giving tithes and offerings. Don’t worry – if you’re a guest, we aren’t going to ask for your money! This is a time for those who call Connect their home to support the ministry by giving back a portion of what God has blessed them with.


We also have a message (or sermon) each week at Connect. We can promise you it won’t be boring! The sermons are straight from the Bible, they’re easy to understand, and they apply to our lives. You’ll remember what they were about and be able to think about it and apply it to your life. You can watch, listen or read any of our sermons here on our website to get an idea of what they’re like.


The Connect Worship Band delivers a powerful worship experience week after week. The talented musicians on our stage could play nearly anywhere, yet they choose to share their gifts at Connect. Check out some of their video clips on our Facebook page and see for yourself.

We’re Here to Help

At the end of every service, we give you the opportunity to respond to what you’ve heard if you choose to do so. If you’d like anyone to pray with you or just talk with you, we’re here to help and serve you. Our worship services are over no later than noon. Afterward, you can head straight home or you can hang around and visit, which many people choose to do. It’s your choice.

Most of all, at Connect, you can expect to experience God in a powerful and meaningful way! We hope to see you soon!

Questions? Just send us a message.