Our Story is Not About a Building

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your space? You look for a solution. For Connect Christian Church, that solution came in the form of going portable. First, we moved from a traditional church building in Amelia to the Holiday Inn Eastgate in 2013, then God opened up a great opportunity for us to meet at the Withamsville-Tobasco Elementary School starting in November 2015.


A Portable What?

We are a portable church, which means a team of volunteers roll up in trailers hours before the service every Sunday to unload and set up a complete system custom made to turn a school into a modern church environment for adults and kids of all ages.

Though few exist in Cincinnati, portable churches are one of the fastest-growing church types in the country.

What is the point of going portable? It allows us to focus more on people. It frees us to serve and love and help people. Since we don’t have to pay for a building, we are much more flexible and free to do ministry. That alone makes it worth it.

Plus, being portable means that we can always follow God, wherever He leads us. If He leads us to own another building again someday, we’ll follow. But for now, we’re having a blast being a portable church! It provides us with so many opportunities that we would have never had in a more traditional setting.


Documents & Policies

Like more details about what we’re all about? Download our latest Annual Report (PDF)

In an effort to protect all those who attend, volunteer or work at Connect Christian Church — and to comply with Ohio law — our leaders developed a sexual misconduct policy for our church.