Save the Date for 2018

Sports Camp 2018 will be June 10-15, so mark it down on your calendar.


We’re not gonna lie. The week is incredibly exhausting, but we promise you this: When it is all said and done, it will be one of the highlights of your summer, and you might just introduce a child to Jesus for the very first time!

Remember, Sports Camp kicks off officially on Sunday, June 10, 2018. We ask volunteers to show up at 5:30 p.m. each night, and we’ll get you headed home by 9 p.m. Our camp runs every evening through Friday, June 15. You can get tons more details about what we do through the week at

As a volunteer for Sports Camp, you don’t have to know about sports, but you do have to love Jesus! Join our army of passionate volunteers as we serve literally hundreds of kids from our community. (Keep in mind some positions — especially for teens — are limited in number, and priority will be given to those who attend Connect.) Also, positions will be assigned. Volunteers do not choose where they serve, but we do our best to put you where you are gifted and where you are most needed.

If you have never been involved in this amazing outreach opportunity, you are in for something special. The families who drive into Batavia Township Park are greeted each night by more than 100 crazy green-shirt volunteers. For a few hours each evening, we get to have a blast playing sports with their kids and teach them about Jesus in ways they never knew could be so fun! There are lots more details (including volunteer position descriptions) on this page.

Any questions? Talk to Sports Camp Director Julie Bach

Schedule & Calendar Updates 

  • Sports Camp Volunteers Potluck Hangout and Kickball Game (date coming soon).
  • Sunday, June 10: Meet the Coaches Night. Be at Batavia Township Park no later than 5 pm. (The rest of the week, please arrive no later than 5:30 pm.)  At 5:30 pm, we will finalize setup and let everyone know exactly what they are doing for our Meet The Coaches Night, which kicks off at 6 pm and ends at 8 pm.
  • Monday, June 11 – Thursday, June 14: Regular Sports Camp Programming. Volunteers arrive no later than 5:30 pm. We’ll wrap up by 9 p.m.
  • Friday, June 15: Family Night. Volunteers arrive by 5:30 pm. We’ll wrap up programming with families at 8 p.m., but plan to hang around for some volunteers-only fun until around 9 p.m.

More Details

1Shirts: For security reasons, all volunteers will need to purchase a Connect Volunteer T-shirt and wear it each night of Sports Camp.  Note: If you already have a traditional green “Volunteer” shirt (or black “Security” shirt for those on the Sports Camp Security Team) and you want to wear it for Sports Camp, that is completely fine. However, if you want to purchase a dry-fit style men’s or women’s cut volunteer or security shirt, we will be taking those orders on the signup form for a limited time.

2Background Check: All Sports Camp volunteers who are 18 or over will need a background check. This only requires filling out a simple secure form with some basic information. Please fill out the form online here. If you’ve had a background check for the church already, you won’t need a new one.

4On-site ChildcareChildren of volunteers who haven’t yet started kindergarten  are welcome at our on-site childcare at the park. Those kids have a blast, too. If you need childcare, please note that in the appropriate place on the volunteer signup form.

Where do you fit in?
Check out the Volunteer Position Descriptions

We have a ton of opportunities for you to serve, and you can see all of our teams below. But the biggest and most exciting opportunity for you to serve is as a Huddle Coach.

Huddle Coaches

Each Huddle Coach is responsible for 8 to 10 kids the entire week. As a Huddle Coach, you will be the face of our church to these kids. In a very real way, you will be Jesus to these children for an entire week, some of whom have never learned a single thing about God’s love for them.

As a Huddle Coach, your group of awesome kids will report to you every night at drop off. It is your job to love them, boost their spirits and get them ready for an awesome and exhausting night of fun. Between sports sessions, you’ll get a chance to huddle up with your group for a few minutes to share that night’s lesson. Don’t worry, everything you need will be provided in a clear and simple way.

If you love kids and love Jesus, you can be a Huddle Coach. It’s that simple.

Head & Assistant Coaches

Head & Assistant Coaches will plan and oversee all activities related to our sports — Backyard Games, Basketball, Cheerleading and Water Wars  — every night. You will also be responsible for meeting kids at their family’s car and escorting them safely through the parking lot, then returning them safely to their family’s car at the end of the night.


Runners/Dancers will run the kids from the drop-off point to their sport area at the start of each night. You’ll be assigned to one sport for the entire week. Please stay with that sport and be available to Huddle Coaches as they need you. You’ll be responsible for taking children to the restroom and keeping their water bottles filled. (Huddle Coaches should not need to leave their group.)

During worship, we want you to engage the kids. Get them up on their feet and dancing. If they see you dancing, they will get involved. Remember, they look up to you! During dismissal, runners will help move their sport’s kids out to their sport’s flag and stay there until all kids in your sport are dismissed.

Water Team

The Water Team is in charge of making sure water coolers stay full all evening and our kids (and adults) are well hydrated. This is usually a HOT week, and we all need plenty of water! You will be driving the gator around the park to make sure no water coolers go empty. You will also be retrieving plenty of ice before each evening and cleaning up trash at the end of each night.

Snack Team

The Snack Team will prepare and distribute snacks during Half-Time. You will also be responsible for retrieving snack donations from our generous sponsors during the week as necessary.

Childcare Team

Our Childcare Team will be responsible for watching the children of volunteers who are too young for Sports Camp. Once again, our Childcare will be inside the Batavia Township building at the park. Without your help, a ton of our volunteers could never serve!

Security Team

The Security Team is in charge of security for all kids, assuring safety during drop-off and pickup, assisting with traffic flow and watching any non-volunteers at the park.

Stage Team

The Stage Team will lead Worship every evening, share the Bible story and conduct all communications from the stage.

Production Team

The Production Team will lead setup and tear down of all the sound equipment and handle all production duties every night.

Creative Arts Team

This team of photographers, videographers, writers and designers are responsible for capturing and conveying the excitement and emotion of Sports Camp, then sharing it as widely as possible.