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A Charlie Brown Christmas: Linus

A lot of people think the Bible is outdated and obsolete. After all, this book is thousands of years old. In an age where the latest and greatest becomes obsolete overnight, we’re just not inclined to believe anything can endure. But this book has endured, because of the truth it contains. It was written in a culture that was far different than ours. It was written in a very different time than we live in today, but it endures because truth doesn’t become obsolete. It speaks to our deepest needs. Needs that don’t change over time.

Do you hear what I hear Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Ohio

Do You Hear What I Hear?: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

It’s so hard to reconcile a God that is good when life is bad. It brings a lot of questions and doubt into our lives. And then we get to this season that is supposedly about feeling holly and jolly, and it can make us feel even worse. It makes us feel like we just don’t get it. We’ve got to be missing something.

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Thankful: In All Circumstances

Being thankful is not about our situation. Thankfulness is not about our circumstances. Gratitude is not based on our situation. Thankfulness isn’t about a season. It’s a constant in the lives of people who follow Jesus.

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Resurrection: The Game Has Changed

The resurrection is what sets Jesus apart from any other religious leader who has ever lived. It is what sets Christianity apart from any other faith that has ever existed. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the center point. The truth of Christ and of Christianity all hinges on the resurrection.