Gridiron Batavia Amelia Milford Eastgate

Gridiron: Sacked!

Life knocks us all down. We all experience pain. And apart from God, that pain is pointless. But when God is present, pain has purpose. He has promised to use all things….even tough, painful things… for His glory and our good!

Charlie Brown Christmas Batavia Amelia Milford Eastgate

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Linus

A lot of people think the Bible is outdated and obsolete. After all, this book is thousands of years old. In an age where the latest and greatest becomes obsolete overnight, we’re just not inclined to believe anything can endure. But this book has endured, because of the truth it contains. It was written in a culture that was far different than ours. It was written in a very different time than we live in today, but it endures because truth doesn’t become obsolete. It speaks to our deepest needs. Needs that don’t change over time.