Ghost Stories Batavia Amelia Milford Eastgate

Ghost Stories: Ghostbusters

The Holy Spirit lives in us, but there are choices we can make that will bust up His work in our lives. Watch out for these “ghostbusters!”

Selfie Sermon Connect Christian Church near Anderson Ohio

Selfie: #selfishness

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” Both selfishness and humility begin in our heart, but they both spill out into our lives. All you have to do is watch what a person does.

Nuptially Challenged Connect Christian Church near Cincinnati Ohio

Nuptially Challenged: Challenge of Culture

The series is called Nuptially Challenged. We are going to spend 8 weeks talking about marriage. Because let’s face it…a lot of us are nuptially challenged, aren’t we? If I asked all our married people, “How many of you are really struggling with some challenges in your marriages?” hands would go up all over the room. Well, hands would go up all over the room if everyone was honest.