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The Enemy: Crushed

Satan was defeated at the cross of Christ, but he was completely crushed in the resurrection of Christ. We can live in hope and peace because our enemy has been crushed!

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Jesus Redefined: I Am The Resurrection And The Life

There are a whole lot of us who are dying, or dead, in our doubt. Or in our pain. Or in our discouragement. Or in our anger. Or in our guilt. Or in our resentment. Or in our hatred. Or in our sin. But none of those things can stand up in the presence of the One who is the resurrection and the life.

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Wounds: Wounds From My Past

We are often trapped in the pain of what happened to us in the past, and it never lets us go. We are imprisoned by something that we did in the past, and the guilt from that decision still haunts us. It always seems to reel us back in. It keeps us trapped in a completely self-defeating cycle. It’s a revolving door.

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Resurrection: The Game Has Changed

The resurrection is what sets Jesus apart from any other religious leader who has ever lived. It is what sets Christianity apart from any other faith that has ever existed. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the center point. The truth of Christ and of Christianity all hinges on the resurrection.

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Resurrection: The Most Important Question In The World

It’s all about Jesus. That is the very first core value of our church. We’re kicking off a short, two-week series that’s all about Jesus. We’re going to be talking about the defining truth of Christ and of Christianity. We’re talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. And you can’t overstate the importance of that.