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Selfie: #selfrighteousness

One of the biggest hang-ups that people have with Christianity has nothing to do with Christ. It has everything to do with Christians. It has nothing to do with a righteous Christ. It has everything to do with self-righteous Christians.

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Selfie: #selfcontrol

The word “self-control” in the Bible carries this kind of meaning: “holding oneself in.” This idea of “inner strength.” Why does God think it’s so important for us to have self-control? Becuse self-control defends against temptation and destruction

Nuptially Challenged Connect Christian Church near Cincinnati Ohio

Nuptially Challenged: Challenge of a Lifetime

My marriage is not about me. That’s the key to unlock a healthy, joyful, lifelong marriage. That’s the last challenge that we’re going to talk about as we wrap up this series. It’s the challenge of a lifetime. When it comes to marriage, we’re in it to win it. We’re in it for keeps. We understand that marriage is a one and done proposition. It’s a commitment for a lifetime.

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Jesus Hates Religion: Keeping Up Appearances

Welcome to Week 3 of this amazingly controversial series entitled “Jesus Hates Religion”. In this series we are exploring the controversy that Jesus stirred up when he took on the established religious base of people in his day and age.