This is how we roll Connect Christian Church Eastgate Ohio

This Is How We Roll: We Pray

The effectiveness of your prayer isn’t found in stringing together the right religious words. It’s not found in babbling on and on and on. You don’t have to have a degree in theology to pray. You don’t have to speak King James English to pray.

Nuptially Challenged Connect Christian Church near Cincinnati Ohio

Nuptially Challenged: Challenge of a Lifetime

My marriage is not about me. That’s the key to unlock a healthy, joyful, lifelong marriage. That’s the last challenge that we’re going to talk about as we wrap up this series. It’s the challenge of a lifetime. When it comes to marriage, we’re in it to win it. We’re in it for keeps. We understand that marriage is a one and done proposition. It’s a commitment for a lifetime.

For the Win Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Ohio

For the Win: Trust For the Win

This is the second week of our series called For The Win. It’s the last series that I’ll be preaching in our current facility. On April 7, we’ll begin meeting at the Eastgate Holiday Inn under the new name Connect Christian Church. And as we think back on our history and as we look at what’s to come, one thing is clear…God has given us a lot of victories and He has a ton more in store for us.