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Gridiron: Sacked!

Life knocks us all down. We all experience pain. And apart from God, that pain is pointless. But when God is present, pain has purpose. He has promised to use all things….even tough, painful things… for His glory and our good!

Jesus Redefined Connect Christian Church near Batavia Ohio

Jesus Redefined: I Am The True Vine

Sometimes our pain is actually pruning. We can begin to trust and to rely on so many things other than God. But when those things are pruned away, we can begin to see that God alone is the anchor in our lives. He alone is steadfast and sure.

Resurrection Connect Christian Church Eastgate Ohio

Resurrection: The Game Has Changed

The resurrection is what sets Jesus apart from any other religious leader who has ever lived. It is what sets Christianity apart from any other faith that has ever existed. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the center point. The truth of Christ and of Christianity all hinges on the resurrection.

That's just wrong Connect Christian Church Milford Ohio

That’s Just Wrong!: God Won’t Give Me Anything I Can’t Handle

We’re kicking off a brand new series today called That’s Just Wrong! In this series, we’re going to talk about some very common beliefs that a lot of people have. These beliefs sound good. They sound right. They even sound biblical. But there’s just one problem…they aren’t actually in the Bible!