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Ghost Stories: Ghostbusters

The Holy Spirit lives in us, but there are choices we can make that will bust up His work in our lives. Watch out for these “ghostbusters!”

Best year ever Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Ohio

Best Year Ever!: Freedom!

The entire reason Jesus came was to set us free. Freedom is His entire mission. And if you truly lived this year in that freedom, it will be your best year ever.

Uncomplicated Connect Christian Church Milford Ohio

Uncomplicated: Love God

Christianity is just not that complicated. Now, for over 2,000 years, people have tried to make it complicated, but it’s really not. In fact, Jesus summed up the entire thing in one word…love. That’s pretty uncomplicated.

The 80's Connect Christian Church Eastgate Ohio

The 80’s: God Provides

One of the most basic, foundational truths about God is that He is our Provider. We are completely, totally, absolutely reliant on His provision in our lives. If that’s true…if God really is our Provider, why do so many of us feel unfulfilled?