No Strings Attached

2015 was an amazing year at Connect. And 2016 is off to an even better start. This message is all about celebrating everything that God has done and exploring the vision that He’s calling us to pursue. It’s big! It’s bold! And it’s all about loving people with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Charlie Brown Christmas Batavia Amelia Milford Eastgate

A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Little tree

We’re going to unearth what love really means. Because real love changes us from the inside out. It changed that scrawny little tree into something beautiful. And it has the power to do the same thing in our lives.

Overwhelmed Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Crossing Amelia Milford Batavia

Overwhelmed: Know God Loves Me And Has A Purpose For My Life

Everyone of us need reminders of God’s love for us because we struggle to believe that God loves us. And let me tell you something, that’s called “normal”. Things like unanswered prayer, circumstances, past sin can all work towards overwhelming us to the point where we’ve taken our eyes off God’s love, and we can’t see the path anymore.