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A Charlie Brown Christmas: Linus

A lot of people think the Bible is outdated and obsolete. After all, this book is thousands of years old. In an age where the latest and greatest becomes obsolete overnight, we’re just not inclined to believe anything can endure. But this book has endured, because of the truth it contains. It was written in a culture that was far different than ours. It was written in a very different time than we live in today, but it endures because truth doesn’t become obsolete. It speaks to our deepest needs. Needs that don’t change over time.

Do you hear what I hear Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Ohio

Do You Hear What I Hear?: O Holy Night

Everyone worships something, even if they don’t realize what it is. You’ve never met a person in your life that isn’t worshipping something. We all get to choose what that something is, but we absolutely believe that life will never make sense until that something is Jesus.

Thankful Connect Christian Church near Cincinnati Ohio

Thankful: Give Thanks

Entitlement is the enemy of thankfulness. You can’t be entitled and thankful. They are mortal enemies. One of them is going to completely destroy the other. But we get to decide which one is going to win. It’s not forced on us. We get to choose.

This is how we roll Connect Christian Church Eastgate Ohio

This Is How We Roll: We Are Joyful Givers

What if I told you that we’ve been doing it all wrong? What if I told you that everything that we’ve been conditioned to believe is completely backwards? What if I told you that we need to flip everything upside down?

Presence Christmas Connect Christian Church Eastgate Ohio

Presence: Jesus’ Presence Brings Great Joy

This is the third week of our Christmas series called Presence. We are celebrating the fact that we have a God who isn’t far off. He isn’t distant and detached. He is close. He is near. He is present.