Charlie Brown Christmas Batavia Amelia Milford Eastgate

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown knew that Christmas was supposed to be a time of celebration. Of happiness. Of joy. But it just wasn’t happening in his life. He knew that he had to be missing something. And in a cry of desperation, he let it all out. “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about? Isn’t there anyone who can help me see what I’m missing? Isn’t there anyone who can tell me why I keep coming up empty?”

5 easy was to wreck your life Christian Church near Eastgate Ohio

5 Easy Ways to Wreck Your Life: Let Success Consume You

This is the second week of our series called 5 Easy Ways To Wreck Your Life. In this series, we’re exploring five different ways that we can turn our lives into a train wreck. And they are 5 easy ways. It’s not hard to absolutely wreck your life. In fact, it’s scary how easy it is.