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I Want A New Marriage: The Love Songs Were Wrong

Why does love always feel like a battlefield? One of the main reasons why love feels like a battlefield is because we don’t really know what love is. If culture and love songs are our definition of love, then it’s always going to feel like a battlefield because we don’t understand what love actually is. But when we open up the Bible, we see something very different. We see God telling us what love really is. And here is the truth that we see in Scripture: love is a decision.

Wounds Connect Christian Church near Milford Ohio

Wounds: Wounds of Sin

Because Jesus had never sinned Himself, it allowed Him to take our sin on Himself. He became our sin when He died on the cross. And His sacrifice became the full and final payment for our sin. And that’s why this is true: “by His wounds we are healed.”

DNA Connect Christian Church near Cincinnati Ohio

DNA: We Are Free

This is week #3 in our series called DNA. This series is all about who we are in Christ. What is in the core of a church that honors God? What is hardwired into the DNA of people who are completely sold out to Jesus?