Save the Date for Sports Camp: June 10-15, 2018

Registration will start sometime in May of 2018, so stay tuned.

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What is Sports Camp?

Sports Camp is Connect’s mega outreach to the community when tons of our volunteers put on a free nightly sports-centered camp at the Batavia Township Park for hundreds of kindergarten through 5th grade kids. Our camp runs every evening June 10 to June 15.

Sports offered in 2017 were Basketball, Backyard Games, Cheerleading and Water Wars.

Important details

Sports Camp is a totally free, annual community event for students currently in K-5 presented by Connect Christian Church at the Batavia Township Park in Batavia, OH. Each year, hundreds of kids come together for the week to have an awesome time playing sports in a safe and friendly environment!

Why do we do it?

Sports Camp is one of our biggest opportunities all year to serve our community. This experience gives literally hundreds of kids a chance to be the center of attention of an army of passionate volunteers who love Jesus. Oh yeah, plus we’re kind of nuts about sports.

Is Sports Camp right for my child?

Sports Camp is only for students currently in grades K-5 (as of May 2018). Age limit is 5 to 12 years old. If your child is younger or older than that, unfortunately, it’s not for them. If they’re the right age, don’t worry if they’ve never played a sport. We are here to teach them the basics first. By the end of the week, they’ll feel like a pro.

Will my child be safe?

We have taken great precautions to ensure your child’s safety from the time our volunteers escort them from your car at drop-off to the time we return them to you at pick-up. Our dedicated security team will remain on site at all times, and all of our volunteers have undergone background checks.

Where does Sports Camp happen?

Sports Camp is held at the Batavia Township Park at 1535 Clough Pike, Batavia, OH. This is not the Veteran’s Memorial (Helicopter) Park in Union Township. This includes Meet the Coach Night on Sunday and the Closing Program on Friday. All portions of the event are at the park.

What Sports can my child choose from?

Your child may choose from one of the following sports for the week (children will be with that sport all week – no switching):

  • Basketball: bring a basketball labeled with your name, and wear gym shoes.
  • Backyard Games: no need to bring anything extra. Think games like tag, kickball & some water games.
  • Cheerleading: no need to bring anything extra. Wear gym shoes.
  • Water Wars: Bring a towel, and prepare to get wet. No bathing suits please.

Do I have to come on Sunday night?

Yes! This is a very important night. Your child will receive their name tags and wristband that will allow them to attend for the week. Without these items, your child will not be able to stay for Sports Camp. Please make sure you come on Sunday night if possible.

We may have to miss a night, is that OK?

Yes! Trust us, your children will want to be there every night. But we know schedules are busy, so try to be there as often as you can through the week. But definitely don’t miss Sunday or Friday night. Sunday is when you get your name tags and wristband for the week. And Friday is our Family Night when we give away tons of prizes and the kids get to show you what they did all week.

What is the schedule for the week?

You may not arrive each night (Mon-Thu) to drop off your child prior to 5:45 pm. If you arrive before 5:45 pm to get in line, you will be asked to leave and come back.

You may not arrive each night (Mon-Thu) for regular pick-up time prior to 9:00 pm (obviously emergencies, etc. do not apply). If you arrive to get in line before 9:00 pm, you will be asked to leave and come back.

  • Sun, Jun 10, 2018: 6pm – 8pm*, Meet the Coaches and Pick Up Security Info & Wristbands
  • Mon, Jun 11: 6pm – 9pm, Sports Camp
  • Tue, Jun 12: 6pm – 9pm, Sports Camp
  • Wed, Jun 13: 6pm – 9pm, Sports Camp
  • Thu, Jun 14: 6pm – 9pm, Sports Camp
  • Fri, Jun 15: 6pm – 8:30pm*, Closing Ceremony for the whole family

* Notice the different end times on Sunday and Friday

Can I register my child after the deadline or after our sports are full?

Nope, sorry! Due to our security measures, we must enforce a very strict deadline on registration. We take your child’s safety very seriously, and letting extra registrations come through after the deadline (or after the sport is full) would not allow us to provide the safety and security measures we require to make sure everyone has a safe and fun week.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do not receive and print an Eventbrite Registration Ticket via e-mail for each child you register with their name on the ticket, they are NOT registered and will not be allowed to stay on the premises for Sports Camp. Without your Eventbrite Registration Ticket, wristband and name tag every night, we will have to turn your child away.

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