Q&A 2015: Session 2

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Because this is a live Q&A session there is no sermon text. Listed below is the list of questions Mike and Brian answered this week:


  1. If a person has time and time again deliberately hurt me, does things on purpose to make me upset and blames me for all of their mistakes, it there is point at which I can forgive them but not have to put up with it? Is there a point which I can dismiss them from my life, or do I need to always show love and forget about the past?
  1. What would you do if you had to work side by side Luke Bryan?
  1. When it comes to girls and modestly, why should it be the woman’s responsibility to uphold the reputation and thoughts of a man if they have nothing to do with them? Wearing what others think you should wear just so a random guy can’t look at you a certain way is oppression. Why is it too much to ask of a man to hold himself back but it is completely okay to ask a woman too?
  1. How do I get motivated? Motivated to read, to share, to get closer to God?
  1. What should/could we say to fellow Christians who also claim the homosexual lifestyle
  1. Why do you think that the recent shooter targeted Christians?
  1. How do you know if it’s God giving you an answer when praying and asking for guidance on decisions like taking a job or moving etc.?
  1. What should I do to help a friend who thinks that something bad will happen to them if they enter a church? How can I tell them that churches aren’t bad and nothing will happen to them?
  1. If your parents had you baptized as a baby do you need to be baptized again as an adult?
Author: Mike Edmisten

Senior Pastor