Q&A 2015: Session 1

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Because this is a live Q&A session there is no sermon text. Listed below is the list of questions Mike and Brian answered this week:

  1. Can a Christian lose their salvation?
  2. Should Christians support the death penalty
  3. If a person has never heard of Jesus, do they have a chance of going to Heaven or will they go to Hell?
  4. Why does our bible not have the book of Enoch in it?
  5. How should the church react/treat an unwed mother?
  6. Will we know/recognize our friends and family in Heaven?
  7. Will the colts beat the Bengals?
  8. Is not talking about God the same as denying Him?
  9. Can you update on the status of a permanent location?
  10. Is the tithe a new or old testament law? If it is old testament whey is that the exception?
  11. With the whole gay marriage debate, how do we deal with someone like Kim Davis who is against gay marriage but turns people off to Christ?
  12. How do you know when God is talking to you?
Author: Mike Edmisten

Senior Pastor