Q&A 2014 Live: Week 2

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Because this is a live Q&A session there is no sermon text. Listed below is the list of questions Mike and Brian answered this week:

  1. Luke 9:23 what does this scripture mean?
  2. What’s the deal with ghost? The bible says a ton about angels and demons and even the Holy Ghost but what about other ghost we constantly hear about in our culture? Everyone seems to know someone who has seen a ghost. Are they real? Are they spirits who were once human? Are they of Satan?
  3. What actually is the image of God?
  4. Should gays be accepted in church? God accepts us right where are, shouldn’t the church do the same?
  5. What does the bible say about tithing? Is it really 10%?
  6. Does every word you say count towards your eternal “deciding” what if you don’t ask God for forgiveness before you die? Are you sent straight to Hell or can you ask it in your mind?
  7. Why can’t the coyote ever catch the roadrunner?
  8. The Mormons believe in the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus, and even read the bible alongside the book of Mormon. Will the other extra beliefs of theirs keep them from Heaven?
  9. In comparison to the bible, do we have modern day miracles?
  10. I’ve been saved by God’s amazing grace, but lately I feel like nothing I do is good enough for God.I’m beating myself up because I am such a perfectionist but I always mess up. What should I do to get back on track?
Author: Mike Edmisten

Senior Pastor