Q&A 2014 Live: Week 1

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Because this is a live Q&A session there is no sermon text. Listed below is the list of questions Mike and Brian answered this week:

  1. How do we know for sure that Jesus is the only way to heaven? What about other religions.
  2. If the bible doesn’t say something is a sin, but a person says it is, does it make it a sin?
  3. When wanting to start a bible study, where is a good place to start?
  4. How can I get involved and serve at Connect? Where can I serve?
  5. Knowing in my heart that my sins have been forgiven by the sacrifices of Jesu, how do I convince my brain?
  6. Dinosaurs. Are there any verses or anything in the bible about the existence of dinosaurs?
  7. What is the difference between being baptized in the name of Jesus and being baptized in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
  8. Are you and Brian brothers from another mother? You always look the same?
  9. How can you help get a teen who has lost their interest in the church come back to the church without feeling like you are forcing it?
  10. What happens to people who are good people but never have the chance to give their life to God?


Author: Mike Edmisten

Senior Pastor