Partnerships Start This Sunday

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If you have been at Connect Christian Church at all over the last three months, you already know that this Sunday is huge in the life of our church. This week marks the end of our massive 13-week “This Is How We Roll” series, and it also marks the beginning of Partnerships at Connect Christian Church.

Each week since August 17, we have walked through exactly who we are as a church and, more importantly, who we want to become. In other words, we have done some serious vision casting around here.

Here’s the point. Everything we have been doing points toward this Sunday as you get a chance to determine what you want your role to be in our church. As we have mentioned many times, we are making a wholesale change in terms of how we view our relationship with the church. We are moving away from the whole idea of church membership for a far more healthy and Biblical model.

This Sunday, Nov. 9, we are officially kicking off Partnerships at Connect Christian Church, and you will have an opportunity to jump in and make that commitment or at least let us know you would like to talk it through with someone.

So what does Partnership mean for you?

First, it means you have accepted Christ and have been baptized. After that, being a Partner means you commit to:

  • Give Generously
  • Serve Selflessly
  • Share Your Story
  • Invite Others
  • Pray for Your Church

We can’t wait to partner with you!

See you this Sunday, Nov. 9, at 10:30 a.m.

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