Easter Is Over — Now What?

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Mike_preach_smallThe family gatherings are finished. The candy is gone (pardon me while I shed a tear). It’s all wrapped up.

But one thing has not changed. Jesus is STILL alive. He is as alive today as He was yesterday. And He will be as alive next Sunday as He was on Easter Sunday. So in a very real way, EVERY Sunday is Easter Sunday! Every single Sunday, our church gathers to worship our LIVING Savior!

Days like Easter are great. They are mountaintop days. And they are days that present huge opportunities. We seized that opportunity this year, as we joined other churches in seeing an all-time record attendance. It was awesome! But it also brings up a question…now what?

That answer can be found in two simple words: follow up.

One of the core values of our church is found people find people. Our partners are serious about connecting more people to Jesus. And it showed with the way we stepped up and invited people on Easter. Which brings us to the follow up.

Did you invite someone on Easter who didn’t show up? First of all, please understand this. That does NOT mean you failed. You planted a seed, which is all that God has called you to do. And one simple way to water that seed is to follow up. Check in with them. Tell them you missed them, and that the invitation is always open. Who knows? Maybe their kid got sick. Maybe something else came up. You never know. And a simple follow up conversation may be all it takes for them to accept your invitation.

Did you invite someone on Easter who did show up? Awesome! Follow up with them. Thank them for coming with you. Ask about their impression. Do they have any questions? Anything that you can help them understand more clearly? But more than anything, just communicate how thrilled you are that they joined you and that the invitation is open again this week.

This isn’t about pressure or coercion. This is about showing someone that you care about them, not just on Easter week, but every week.

If you stepped up and invited someone to our Easter service, THANK YOU! You’ve already made an investment in this person. A little extra follow up just shows that you care.

And if you didn’t invite someone to Easter, there is no better week than THIS WEEK to invite them. Jesus is still alive, and we’re still ready to introduce people to Him!

Proud to be your pastor!


Mike Edmisten is Senior Pastor at Connect Christian Church.

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