Amelia Building Update: Sold!

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Connect Christian Church Amelia Ohio building soldWe shared some big news yesterday at Connect Christian Church. We have a buyer for the Amelia Ohio building! We still have to go through the closing process, but the contract has officially been signed.

This is a really big deal for us. The Amelia Ohio building was not suited well at all for the way we do church at Connect Christian Church. It was too small and presented too many obstacles for us, which is why we moved. But because we still owned the building, it was still costing us a lot of money. Now that the building has sold, we can focus that money toward more effective ministry.

The sale will allow us to pay off the loan for our portable gear, and it will also give us more flexibility as we search for our next location. Relocation is part of our 2015 vision, and this is huge step toward seeing our vision become a reality. We’re not looking to buy or build right now, but we are looking to find a location to accommodate even more growth through a bigger facility and a more consistent schedule.

We currently use the Amelia Ohio building for office space and, more importantly, as a meeting space for Connect Students. They will continue to meet there through the month of May. We are working on a plan to find a new meeting space for them. We don’t have anything nailed down at this point, but our leaders are committed to high quality student ministry, which means we won’t let them be left homeless. We’re praying for an even better answer than the Amelia building for our students to meet together.

But maybe the biggest thing the building sale does for us is allow us to focus even more on the ministry of Connect Christian Church. Instead of worrying about the upkeep of an old building, we can now focus fully on what God is doing right now in and through Connect Christian Church. And we believe this is a huge step that God will use to take us to the next level. Like I said yesterday, we may not have all the answers right now, but we know the One that does, and we trust Him.Mike Edmisten Preaching Connect Christian Church Amelia Ohio

Greater things are in store, Connect! The best really is yet to come!

Mike Edmisten is Senior Pastor at Connect Christian Church.

Author: Mike Edmisten

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