Why ‘80s?

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Mike Edmisten preaching Connect Christian Church Cincinnati OhioWhy is our church doing a series called “The ’80s?”

I’m so glad you asked! Here are a couple of reasons.

1. It will be fun!

If you can’t have fun at church, then where exactly CAN you have fun? That sounds unspiritual to some people, but it’s actually quite Biblical. The Fruit of the Spirit is JOY! (See Galatians 5:22) God’s people are supposed to CELEBRATE! (See Psalm 145:7)

When the church gathers, we come to worship. To encounter God. To be convicted of sin. To be healed of our brokenness. But we also come to rejoice and to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness and love.

This four-week series is going to be fun. People will smile. Laugh. Clap their hands. And just have a good time. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s better than okay. It’s GOOD!

2. It will open a door for people who are far from God to hear the gospel!

We use secular music at Connect Christian Church. Now, you should know that our standards are high. We make sure the lyrics are appropriate. And there are some artists that you will never hear in our services. We strive to be wise in our decisions.The 80's Connect Christian Church Anderson Ohio

However, we are not afraid to use secular music in our service. In the same way, the Apostle Paul wasn’t afraid to use secular sources in his day. In Acts 17:28, Paul quoted from the secular poet Aratus. And that quotation from a SECULAR source made its way into the BIBLE!

We use secular music for the very same reason that Paul quoted from a secular poet: it’s a connecting point with the people we’re trying to reach.

I love that someone who is unchurched can walk into Connect Christian Church and hear something familiar. In some small way, that could help them feel assured and at ease. Those of us who have been in the church for a while can easily forget how awkward and uncomfortable visiting a new church can be. If our music can ease that tension to a small degree, then we’re all about it.

The ‘80s series is a great time to bring someone to church with you. It will be fun. Our band will be playing some rad ’80s tunes. And the gospel will be preached in language that everyone can understand.

As with everything else in our church, it’s all about Jesus and it’s not about us. It’s all about connecting more people to the One who can change their lives and their eternities. That’s what this series (and every other series we will ever preach) is all about!

Mike Edmisten is Senior Pastor at Connect Christian Church.

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Author: Mike Edmisten

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