10 Reasons Not to Miss Volunteer Fuel

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Volunteer Fuel Connect Christian Church Batavia Ohio

10. You WILL have fun!

9. The theme of the event is, “You’re not crazy!” You’ll have to show up to see why.

8. Two Words: Van Halen.

7. Jesus wants you to come. I know. I asked.

6. Awesome childcare provided by River Hills Christian Church. They’re raising money for a mission trip, and Connect is making a donation to their trip. We’re serving them while they serve us. It’s a win-win! (And your kids WILL have fun, too!)

5. You can come to Volunteer Fuel, or you can stay home watching reruns of “The Golden Girls” on TV Land. Dorothy said it’s ok. You can come to Fuel. Thank you for being a friend.

4. Free cupcakes!

3. You haven’t had your face melted in a while. Our band will be there to change that!

2. You’ll hear directly from some of our volunteers themselves. It’s one thing to talk about serving. It’s another to hear from somebody who’s actually doing it.

1. You are valued and appreciated and loved by our staff, our leaders, and our entire church. And we want to spend the evening treating you like the rock star that you are!

Mike Edmisten is Senior Pastor at Connect Christian Church.Mike Edmisten preaching Connect Christian Church Batavia Ohio

Author: Mike Edmisten

Senior Pastor