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care team Connect Christian Church Amelia Ohio

At times, life just roughs us up and we need some extra help. We need others to come alongside us and care for us. If you are part of our church and have found yourself in need of something extra, we hope you will reach out to Connect’s Care Team.

Prayer requests

First, we are here if you need prayer. Please use the below form to let us know exactly how we can pray for you, and we’ll have a team of prayer warriors covering your need in prayer. We are also available each Sunday after church if you want someone to pray with you in person or if you just have questions about Jesus.

Meals & more

onesies Connect Christian Church Amelia OhioSometimes our needs are more practical. Do you have a baby on the way? Is there a major health issue or have you experienced a death in the family? These are times when you may need us to step up and bring some meals while your family gets back on its feet. We even have volunteers who make branded Connect caps and onesies for newborns in our nursery.

We may also be able to help out with things around the house — from lawn care to grocery trips to giving you a lift to an appointment. We can also have someone from Connect stop by to visit you at the hospital. Just let us know below.

Care Team structure


Prayer & care requests

If you would like to share a prayer request and receive prayer from our Care Team, please use the form below. Please also let us know about any special needs you are experiencing or if you would like to volunteer on the Care Team. You can also talk with the team’s directors Jay & Melissa Hess.


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