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Best Sermon Ever: The Wonder Of Worship

We live in a world that constantly cries out for us to worship everything. From Sports to Hobbies to Celebrities and even our Relationships, we are constantly under fire for our attention, devotion and time. But where does Jesus fit into all of this? How does He want to be worshiped? Listen to His words and discover the truth behind the Wonder of Worship.

A Venti Sized Dose of Perspective

Starbucks Coffee shops have traditionally decorated their red holiday cups with designs including snowflakes, reindeer and other holiday oriented icons that signify a tie-in to Christmas. For the 2015 season, Starbucks decided to simply make their cups a blank red canvas. And here’s the reason: According to a statement by Jeffery Fields, Starbucks Vice President…

Overwhelmed Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Crossing Amelia Milford Batavia

Overwhelmed: Know God Loves Me And Has A Purpose For My Life

Everyone of us need reminders of God’s love for us because we struggle to believe that God loves us. And let me tell you something, that’s called “normal”. Things like unanswered prayer, circumstances, past sin can all work towards overwhelming us to the point where we’ve taken our eyes off God’s love, and we can’t see the path anymore.

Jesus Redefined Connect Christian Church near Batavia Ohio

Jesus Redefined: I Am The Good Shepherd

Sheep without a shepherd wander in death and destruction. They lose their way and cannot return to safety. They are filled with fear and confusion. They fall victim to wild beasts and they cannot meet their own needs. They, WE, need a Shepherd to care for us. Thankfully, we have one. Jesus knew this and He had compassion on people because He saw them as “Sheep without a shepherd.”

Together Connect Christian Church near Eastgate Ohio

Together: We’re There for Each Other

We as a church are better together. We are stronger together. That’s why our vision is for everyone at Connect to be plugged in to authentic community. That community happens best in small connected groups, outside of the Sunday morning setting.